Pick your own flowers at Five Acre Farm

We have been busy growing our beautiful flower garden down at the farm! Pick your own bouquet from late spring up until the first frosts of Autumn, Saturday and Sunday – 8.30am-3pm.

Not only do our farm flowers look gorgeous in your home, but the bees love it too! 🐝

£30 per bucket of flowers, or £25 if you bring your own bucket.

How to pick your bouquet:

💐 Help yourself to a bucket, jar and strips (careful they are sharp)⁠

🌼 Watch your step and stick to the path, remember we are a working farm⁠

🌷 Not everything is ready for picking so please read our signs ⁠

🌺 Make sure you cut your flower from the base of the stem, ensuring the stem length is long enough for your vase or jar⁠

🌻 Please bring your own bucket/vase to transfer your flowers into after you have picked the (£5 discount for those who bring their own bucket!)⁠

📍 Pit Lane, West Town, Backwell