We grow tonnes of nourishing food without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

Our soil’s fertility comes from compost and soil-enriching plants, and we seek not to eliminate pests but to manage them by encouraging their predators and finding a balance.

Many of our veg beds are ‘no-dig’, meaning we protect the structure and health of the soil by not cultivating the land. Where we do use a tractor to cultivate, we seek to restore soil health by planting green manures – plants that actively enhance soil fertility.

It all began in 2018 with the purchase of five acres of land near Backwell, just to the south of Bristol – where we set about establishing our very own farm. The plot sits just off an attractive green lane and beneath a broad wooded hill, with views out over the Somerset countryside – you can even see Wales in the distance…

The name ‘Five Acre Farm’ was irresistible, emphasising the smallholding approach that is central to the spirit of the farm.

“We are always endeavouring to make the Tobacco Factory and its sister organisations a model of social, environmental and economic sustainability with a stress on local produce. Five Acre Farm is our latest step in that direction at a time when we desperately need to grow more of our own produce close to our cities with all the energy and health benefits that brings. We hope this modest endeavour, enabled by a dedicated team, will act as an encouragement to all local land owners to make the very most of this precious resource to grow nourishing food for local consumption, and encourage wildlife, rather than lose it to non productive uses.”

George Ferguson




Jon Goodman has been the Head Grower at 5 Acre Farm since September 2021. He is responsible for organising the crop planning and working alongside the rest of the team to keep all our vegetables happy on their journey from seed to plate. He has worked in organic veg growing for over 10 years, including previously running his own market garden business. He really really likes growing and eating salads!

Annabel Hosford

Assistant Grower

Annabel is fairly new to the farm – but not new to us! As well as volunteering at our farm in Backwell, you may recognise her from our shop on North St.
Annabel trained at a market garden in Bath last year, as well as visiting various market gardens around the South West where she learned loads about veg and soil.
Annabel grows the flowers here on the farm for pick your own and supplying the shop.
But their main mission is to create a more local and resilient food system for all, whilst improving biodiversity alongside the veg and caring for our precious soil.
Annabel’s favourite veg is Cavalo Nero kale as it can basically grow all year round, is full of nutrients and tastes so good fried in a little garlic and butter!

Jonathan Eve

Market Gardener

Jonathan started working at the farm after he discovered his passion for growing on his allotment. He sometimes works in the farm shop too, so if you see him there, do pick his brains for anything farm related. He has recently taken on more responsibility in the orchard (and is very excited about this). Those fruit trees that were planted five years ago are now coming into their own!

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