February at Five Acre Farm

Our team are working hard on the farm at the moment, planning, sowing and nurturing for the busy growing season to come.

The winter salad mix has been really good this year. Look out for bags of the mixed leaves in the shop. The spicy mix is super tasty! At the time of writing Head Grower Jon says “It may be chilly outside but our spring crop of Cavolo Nero is coming on nicely in it’s cosy poly tunnel home”. We are hoping to have lots more kale coming from the farm over the spring season.

Mushroom magic

Also doing well and abundant at the moment, are the mushrooms we grow on the farm. Current available varieties are:

Recipe of the month

As well as  the wonderful veg from our own farm, we also stock a big range of organic veg from our friends at Riverford. If you’re looking for ideas of how to use our tasty mushrooms, they have some seriously taaaasty mushroom recipes, so it’s a double recipe of the month for Feb!

lovely new Prodcuers

Health and Beauty refill coming soon

Watch out for our new health and beauty refill section. We have teamed up with Alter/native which is produced by Suma, a worker’s cooperative based in Yorkshire.

The range is cruelty free, plant based, approved by the vegan society and made in the uk. The bottles are made from 100% post- consumer recyclables and are fully recyclable, plus we will be offering the option to refill the bottles, so you only need to buy a bottle once (or bring one you already have).

We’ll have body wash, hand wash, shampoo and conditioners to complement the shampoo bars and glycerine soaps that we already stock from the range.

Our producer of the month is the hyperlocal Totterdown Apothecary. Kim makes beautiful and sustainable herbal body care products from her base in Totterdown.

Totterdown Apothecary grew out of the search for an effective natural deodorant. I tried so many options but I couldn’t find one that worked; there were some that smelt nice but didn’t do much and some that made my skin itch uncontrollably. I even found one that, rather inexplicably, smelt strongly of bubblegum. 

I was determined to find a natural alternative, so following my quiet mantra ‘nature always provides’, I set about the task of researching and making my own. A few trial batches (and some tinkering) later and I had what I had always hoped to find – a simple, easy-to-apply, natural and effective deodorant. 

After realising that lots of my friends were on the same quest, I started making small batches of deodorant cream and the business grew from there; always driven my own need and based around my core values – natural ingredients, sustainable production, and opting for organic wherever possible. 

Totterdown Apothecary was born in the precipitous hills of Totterdown in Bristol and has since relocated to the lush, green outskirts of Bath. It is run by Kim, a bibliophile, writer, trainee English language teacher and natural skincare maker.

We have her beautiful bath salt milk bottles, vegan deodorant cream and facial steam blends and gift sets in store right now.

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